12 May 2017

When automotive meets Hi-Tech


Cars and hi-tech are two sectors that move forward more and more synchronously.

Latest generation cars, in fact, have reached very high technological levels that seemed impossible only a few years ago.

Technology at the wheel has a fundamental role for comfort, but above all for safety.

We have chosen five hi-tech features that will be a must on your next car!



1 [www.autotrader.com]

Smartphones have now become inseparable companions of our everyday life and they have reached a technological level to be able to contribute and facilitate various aspects of our life. For example, in the field of domotics, for access to your bank account, for shopping or to book trips. So, why not use it also to find your car, switch it on and for details on its state of health in real time, to decrease risks when you are at the wheel?





Almost all car brands are introducing the wireless charger for smartphones on new cars. At present, wireless recharging is compatible only with some Android phones, and it is not available for Apple devices.

However, it seems that the Cupertino giant is about to implement this feature on the next Iphone 8.

The wireless charger is certainly an innovative and useful function, but its maximum use is precisely for cars, especially for the keenest drivers!



3 [www.hudwayglass.com]

A head-up display is incredibly useful because it allows you to see navigation and other important data directly without taking your eyes off the road. If the driver can see his current speed, the speed limit and navigation information directly in front of him, road safety will be greatly increased.

Head-up displays are already available on many cars on the market and we hope they will soon become a standard for all cars.



4 [youtube-mercedes-benzUSA]

Assisted and semi-automatic driving systems will certainly revolutionise how we drive in the near future. These highly advanced technological systems can intervene partially on the driving of your car in situations of danger, giving a considerable contribution to increase safety. For example, they can intervene by safety braking if the driver is distracted or in the case of an unexpected obstacle.

However, semi-automatic driving systems do not replace the driver, so it will always be important to be adequately attentive and careful!





Pollution and global warming are serious problems that concern us all, and the world of motor vehicles seems to have become aware of it. This is why auto builders are investing in the development of new ecological electric engines, which can give excellent performance at zero emissions.

We are sure that in a very few years all cars will be fuelled by electricity, and this is confirmed also by the trend of the latest Paris Car Show.


Are you ready to welcome the future?