22 July 2016

The latest two-wheel concepts


They are beautiful and special and, let’s face it, we’d all like to ride a unique and innovative motorcycle!

After having discovered the most futuristic concept cars, today we present you the two-wheel specials that recently stood out for their originality.


Constructed on the basis of a supersport Honda, the limited edition and custom-made bandit9 ‘bishop has given rise to only nine units produced.

The designers have worked with a yacht company and a luthier to create a set of side panels made of very bright and waterproof wood. The high-quality steel monocoque creates a contrast with the wood of the panels and exhibits an audacious exhaust hood on its top.

This bike is out of time and space and, like the other models of the brand, it disregards conventions and traditional categories.



The history of the S2R 800 Duc Soup begins at the Instituto Católico de Artes and Industrias of Madrid. Its creator is called Manuel Ayllòn, a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering. From the original Ducati Monster S2R 800, used as the basis, you can recognise a few distinctive features, such as the trellis swingarm and the unmistakable air-cooled twin-cylinder, but everything else is incredibly far from the original motorbike. The idea of the concept was to question the use of many often unnecessary components during the bike construction process. Manuel asked himself: “why are motorbikes so heavy and complex even when it’s not strictly necessary?”. So, he stripped down the Ducati to its essence: the final result is a bike that weighs 155kg with a gas tank.

MAGPUL RONIN 1125R MOTORCYCLE 3 [highsnobiety.com]

The Magpul Ronin is a surprising transformation of the Buell 1125R. But this is not a real special, given that the basis is an industrial structure.

The most special thing is the front axle: a fork with a deformable quadrilateral articulated joint with sculptural arms and a Penske shock absorber. The single radiator is mounted on the front of the fork, to the right of which we find a dual superimposed headlight. The whole area of the windshield has been revised in a minimalist style and the absence of the original side radiators slims the sides of this modern café racer. The Ronin looks massive and forward-projected, but at the same time lean in the rear part.


The Italian designer and mechanic Paolo Tesio has a weakness for the reworking of one of the most famous exports of his country, the Ducati Monster. For his project, he replaced the rear wheel with a much bigger one, opting for spiked snow tires for extra traction. The end result is a mammoth snow vehicle powered by a Testastretta capable of producing 160 horsepower. A real ice monster!




The industrial designer Amir Glinik took the sensual curves and sleek lines that make the Ferrari so desirable and translated them into the form of a motorcycle.

Its bright lake red and sinuous silhouette that seems designed and shaped by the wind tunnel are only some of the compelling requisites that make this bike so fascinating.

What amazes us, in addition to the form, is the riot of technological innovation, with the most performing engine ever and the handlebar and controls borrowed from the F-16 fighter jet cockpit.


Light Rider is the first motorcycle model entirely printed in 3D. The realization of this innovative project was supervised by AP Works, a division of Airbus, the European colossus specialized in aircraft construction.

The strength of this motorcycle is certainly its weight: only 35 kg! The material used, which usually has applications in the aerospace industry, is an aluminium alloy powder capable of conferring good resistance to shocks and stresses, as well as extreme lightness.

The performance of this electric concept is still excellent: it can reach a top speed of 80 km/h and go from 0 to 50 km/h in just 3 seconds.

The Light Rider is evidence of how much green and sustainable mobility is increasingly finding space in the concept world as well.