15 September 2017

Toyota aims high with Skydrive, the flying car

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The Japanese colossal has just invested 40 million yen (about 320,000 euros) in a group of volunteer researchers who are creating a working prototype of a car with wings in order to make it take to the sky as early as next year.


It is now clear that in 2017 dominating the roads is no longer enough.

Even Toyota does not want to miss a great new opportunity to expand upwards and is preparing its working prototype of a flying car.

The group of researchers had been working on the project independently when the precious funding arrived from the Japanese car manufacturer. Now Toyota has a sole objective: transforming this dream into reality.

This group of researchers is working without earning a salary: they are volunteers who dedicate their spare time to the project. The name is already a program: Skydrive.

A little under 3 meters long, a bit over 1 meter wide, Skydrive is the smallest flying car in the world. A single-seater, equipped with three wheels and more similar to a drone than a car.

Its low propellers permit vertical take-off and landing. Skydrive will have a flight speed of 100 km/h and a driving speed of almost twice as fast. It can soar 10 meters above the ground.

Toyota would like to use Skydrive to light the Olympic flame during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: a true race against time!

The reason Toyota chose to back this project lies in the words of its president Takeshi Uchiyamada: “Things will not progress if you wait and provide money only when the technology is ready”.