10 October 2017

The return of the Volkswagen Bulli

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From flower child to nature’s friend. Electric motors, augmented reality and technological innovation: Volkswagen remasters its famous Bulli in a futuristic and revolutionary version.


Who could forget the legendary VolkswagenVolkswagen minivan, also known as Westfalia? The van had different names in different countries, in Germany it is remembered as Bulli, a contraction of BUs and LIeferwagen (van).

Classic Blue and white Volkswagen camper van

The Bulli has always been an icon of the hippy movement: in fact, in the late 60s, countless third-hand Bullis, repainted in bright colors and imaginatively transformed into campers, expressed their owners’ love of freedom around the world.

The passion for the Bulli, however, did not disappear at the end of the hippy era: fans still vie for old models at auctions today. A 1963 Bulli was sold for 198,000 dollars at an auction in Las Vegas three years ago!


[Credits: Wikicommons]

The new Volkswagen minivan is called I.D. Buzz. Esthetically it recalls the Bulli, with its V-shaped nose, robust and well-balanced look and above all its philosophy. Just like its precursor, it makes you want to get in and drive off, destination unknown.

The difference is in the technology: the I.D. Buzz goes from 0-100 km/h in just 5 seconds!

Therefore a retro style with a truly futuristic twist: rounded lines (the spacious, transformable and functional interior is 4.9 meters long and 2 meters wide), elegant eco-leather and birch details and 8 comfortable seats that transform into beds or tables.

[Credits: Volkswagen UK on Youtube]

The I.D.Buzz is equipped with electric motors in front and back, rapid recharging and a driving range of 600 km: travelling is in its DNA.

An augmented reality system makes travelling even safer and more comfortable.

It’s difficult to get bored aboard the new I.D. Buzz. But if you should, just push the VW symbol on the drive pad that has replaced the steering wheel and activate the self-driving feature.

When the driver becomes a passenger, the inside of the van is transformed to offer a relaxing experience: the lights dim, the seats rotate and a futuristic tablet-console dedicated to the infotainment system appears in the center.