29 November 2017

The most original hotels in the world


Winter holidays are around the corner and Octo U has found some of the most unique hotels in the world where you can get away from it all and enjoy some extraordinary days.


Sometimes luxury just isn’t enough. Do you feel like indulging in a truly extraordinary vacation? Do you dream about being immersed in a completely different atmosphere than anything you have ever dared to imagine? We have selected 10 incredible hotels for you that will exceed your expectations. Whatever they may be!


1. Conestoga Ranch – Yellowstone

The emotions of camping in luxury wagons on the prairie turn into reality in Yellowstone Park. This hotel offers experiences worthy of true pioneers, even if it guarantees many extra comforts: all the wagons are immersed in nature but equipped with a fridge, an extremely comfortable bed and Wi-Fi.


[Photo Credits: conestogaranch.com]


2. Jumbo Stay – Stockholm

A real Boeing 747 – 212B from 1976, no longer used, lets you feel in seventh heaven, even those who are afraid of flying. Suites with unique themes are waiting for you, even in the cockpits.


[Photo Credits: Tripadvisor.com]


3. Pioneertown Motel- California

A location that recreates the Old West, which was initially founded in 1946 by the Hollywood star Roy Rogers as a film set. Today it is a real city with a saloon, typical shops and areas for tying up your horse.

pioneer motel

[Photo Credits: Pioneertown-motel.com]


4. Henn na Hotel – Nagasaki

Think of the most futuristic hotel that you can imagine. Even if you let your imagination run wild, Henn na Hotel will exceed your expectations. This hotel is entirely run by robots: each phase, from checking in to checking out is automated. You get into your room without a key thanks to facial recognition!


[Photo Credits: Homecrux.com]


5. Hotel de Glace – Quebec

A paradise created in ice. Scintillating beauty to indulge in at least once in your life. Every piece of furniture, everything is sculpted in ice. Apart from the comfortable bed waiting in your room and the warm spa where you can pamper yourself with regenerating anti-cold treatments.


[Photo Credits: hoteldeglace-canada.com]


6. Dog Bark Park Inn – Idaho

A dog-themed bed & breakfast, starting with its shape. In fact, the hotel structure is a giant beagle named Willy.  On the upper floor in Willy’s muzzle awaits a fantastic terrace with breath-taking views of the prairie.


[Photo Credits: visitidaho.com]


7. Fortress hotel – Portsmouth

A real sea fort dating back to Napoleon III, today transformed into a luxury English hotel, which can only be reached by private boat. On board you will find king-size beds, magnificent furniture, a bar, a prestigious wine cellar and an open-air hot tub. The fortress also has a lighthouse, for the more romantic guests who love gazing at stars.


[Photo Credits: secretescapes.com]


8. Capsule Hotel Nine Hours- Kyoto

In Japan, capsule hotels are not so rare, but there is one type that can project you into the future: pure science fiction! Nine hours is the name of the hotel and the time you have to spend there: 1 hour for wellness and a shower, 7 hours for sleeping in total comfort and 1 hour for admiring the enchanting sunrise and getting ready for the day.

capsule hotel

[Photo Credits: booking.com]


9. V8 Hotel – Stuttgart

The passion for cars becomes legendary: why dream about a fabulous vehicle when you can wake up in one? At V8 hotel, you will find beds that recreate the most loved cars of all time, 10 car-suites, each one unique, for sleeping and dreaming in theme.

V8 hotel

[Photo credits: hiconsumption.com]


10. Silver Mine Hotel – Sweden

The Mine suite is the deepest hotel in the world and boasts a depth of almost 155 meters. Here you will find total peace and quiet, distraction-free, your senses offline. The only way to communicate with the rest of the world is with a walkie-talkie, which connects you to the reception, at your disposal 24 hours a day.


[Photo Credits: amazehotels.blogspot.it]