6 November 2017

The best luxury cars of 2017, according to Octo U


The 5 most beautiful and high performance luxury cars of 2017.


Get comfortable, really comfortable but also get ready to fill up on adrenaline and emotions. The world of luxury cars is characterized by comfort, power and design: the result of this wonderful cocktail is a truly special driving experience.


The perfect Mercedes Benz E 400

Halfway between a coupé and a sedan. The E-Class is ideal for those who want a car that is neither too luxurious nor too sporty. It is the perfect compromise, designed for drivers who want everything. But it has no intentions of settling. The Mercedes E400 is a luxurious car with every comfort imaginable, yet at the same time it is agile and sporty.

Mercedes-Benz-E400 (credit_motor trend)[credits: www.motortrend.com]


The splendid Lexus LC 500

One of the most beautiful vehicles from the Japanese manufacturer. Original, innovative from every point of view. Stable yet powerful. This vehicle is a great victory for Lexus and a real occasion for drivers and car enthusiasts that are lucky enough to afford it.

lexus_carview.yahoo.co.jp[Credits: carview.yahoo.co.jp]


The unstoppable Audi S5

The Audi S5 is undoubtedly an amazing car, able to thrill anyone who gets behind the steering wheel. Just get and even the most normal driver becomes a hero. Four drive wheels, an extremely comfortable cabin and all the pleasure of driving.


[Credits: Wikimedia.com]  


The fascinating Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-In—Hybrid

The SUV XC90 has a spectacular design and a truly comfortable driving position. The interior is made of hardened metal and leather. The exterior lines are fluid and clean with ample space: this car has a Swedish personality and temper, with little love for the superfluous.

2017-Volvo-XC90-NewCars.com[Credits: www.newcars.com]


The powerful BMW 750i

The BMW 7 series was born to make drivers’ every wish come true. To amaze with its surprisingly fast acceleration, to enhance with a pleasant and sharp vehicle control, to pamper with its unparalleled comforts.


[Credits: www.autobmwreview.com]