8 amazing destinations for your winter vacation

15 December 2017

We have chosen eight dream spots where you can seek refuge in the long winter still ahead!   1. Kochi, India Kochi, the perfect mix of spectacular nature and culture. The historic center hosts the Kochi-Muziris Biennial, an important contemporary art exhibit featuring international and Indian talents: the city teems with creativity and new energy. […]


The most bizarre cars presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017

6 December 2017

  The Tokyo Motor Show is pool of technology, innovation and eccentricity. You don’t believe us? Here are some of the most bizarre cars at the exhibition.   Tokyo is the stage for a real show: technological innovation is just the start. Here, the vehicles do not only offer avant-garde driving and interior concepts, but […]


The most original hotels in the world

29 November 2017

Winter holidays are around the corner and Octo U has found some of the most unique hotels in the world where you can get away from it all and enjoy some extraordinary days.   Sometimes luxury just isn’t enough. Do you feel like indulging in a truly extraordinary vacation? Do you dream about being immersed […]


The history of the Monte Carlo circuit

23 November 2017

Where the magic of the city Grand Prix is made.    The Monte Carlo circuit immediately brings to mind the Grand Prix of the past: a city circuit that incredibly goes through the streets of the Principality of Monaco and climbs around its most prestigious historic buildings, even reaching the sea: a daring track that […]


A Made in Italy icon: Moto Guzzi

14 November 2017

6 iconic models of the historic Italian brand   Who doesn’t know the legendary Moto Guzzi, the most beautiful Made in Italy enduro bikes loved the world over? The Guzzi brand hit the market in 1921 and made a name for itself with many models, the unmistakable sound of their V-twin engine making them recognizable […]


The best luxury cars of 2017, according to Octo U

6 November 2017

The 5 most beautiful and high performance luxury cars of 2017.   Get comfortable, really comfortable but also get ready to fill up on adrenaline and emotions. The world of luxury cars is characterized by comfort, power and design: the result of this wonderful cocktail is a truly special driving experience.   The perfect Mercedes […]


Around the world in 5 books

25 October 2017

5 books for 5 continents. Each book has a story to tell, an adventure to live and a trip that each of us should take at least once in our lives. From America to Asia, from Europa to Oceania passing through Africa: impossible not to get lost in these unforgettable pages that are not confined […]

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The return of the Volkswagen Bulli

10 October 2017

From flower child to nature’s friend. Electric motors, augmented reality and technological innovation: Volkswagen remasters its famous Bulli in a futuristic and revolutionary version.   Who could forget the legendary VolkswagenVolkswagen minivan, also known as Westfalia? The van had different names in different countries, in Germany it is remembered as Bulli, a contraction of BUs […]


Monterey: journey into the world of vintage cars

2 October 2017

The highlights of the 2017 edition and the most expensive cars at Monterey Car Week.   In Monterey, California, sold out once again this year. Hotels and tickets for the events are expensive and booked months in advance, but it is definitely worth it. For seven days, everyone gathers here to drive, try, show, sell, […]

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Hypercar: tiny yet powerful engines

22 September 2017

The Mercedes case. Mercedes presents its Hypercar and challenges colossal carmakers.   The teaser images of the car, although vague and undefined, have sparked our imagination. We know so little, at least for the time being, but our curiosity grows more with each passing day. And if expectations are very high, the price is no joke […]