27 May 2016

10 objects for a super tech house


Technology is moving forward and several companies keep looking daily into products that can help everyday life in an innovative and cutting-edge way.

One area that has grown a lot in recent years is domotics, which involves the study of technologies aimed at improving the quality of life in the home and in buildings. Homes are becoming increasingly more intelligent, automatic and controllable through mobile devices.

But what are these technologies? Here is a list of 10 objects that can make your home a super tech one.


[Photocredits: designmag.it]

Solaris is the new LED luminous panel from the L&S group, an Italian multinational company specialized in the production of interior lighting systems. Solaris can be equipped with the Emotion technology, which allows for the remote change of the temperature and of the colour from warm to cold light, on a scale from 3,000 to 6,000 ° K.


[Photocredits: bang-olufsen.com]

BeoSound Moment is a smart musical system from Bang & Olufsen, with a minimal, yet sophisticated, design which integrates your music collection and streaming services into a single device. BeoSound Moment is able to learn the user’s musical tastes over time and play what the owner would like to listen to according to his/her preferences, his/her mood and the time of day.


[Photocredits: nest.com]

Nest Thermostat is the thermostat created by Nest: it is a minimal and smart device that learns the owners’ habits and which programs itself. Thermostat allows you to manage the heating system directly from your smartphone and save up to 20% on your gas bill.


[Photocrdits: fastcompany.com]

Doorbot has nothing to do with normal intercoms! A camera is installed on the device, and when someone calls on the intercom, a video call is forwarded to the homeowner, so that he/she can answer when he/she is out. All this is managed through an app available for iOS and Android.


[Photocredits: apartmenttherapy.com]

Moxie Showerhead is a shower head that has an integrated Bluetooth speaker. After choosing the playlist you want to listen to, the device plays it with a clean and deep sound. Your singing performance in the shower will be even more satisfactory!


[Photocredits: elica.com]

Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser, was launched by Elica, a world leader in the production and sale of design kitchen extractor hoods. This is an essence diffuser in capsules with an innovative design, which stands out for its versatility and ease of use: in fact, Marie is equipped with a remote control panel and it can be used in wireless mode, thanks to the lithium battery rechargeable via a USB cable. The natural-based and alcohol-free capsules can also be easily replaced thanks to a practical one-touch flap.


[Photocredits: dyson.ch]

Dyson Hot+ Cool is an innovative bladeless fan heater from Dyson. The device heats up or cools down all the rooms of the house quickly and uniformly. You can set the degrees of your desired temperature, which will then be maintained by a smart thermostat, and you can adjust the air flow and direction, and the temperature by using a specially provided remote control.


[Photocredits: androidpolice.com]

You may have asked yourself sometimes “Did I close the front door?” Now you no longer have to go back to check, you just have to have your smartphone with you! The solution is Lockitron, a small device to be fitted on the lock of the front door.

With Lockitron, you can immediately open or close the door of your home or office via the internet or an sms, and always have the situation under control, whether on holiday or at work.


[Photocredits: magazine.designbest.com]

The Shower Tablet Select 700 from Hansgrohe is a mixer tap fitted in a white glass shelf. The Select technology allows you to activate and select the type of flow through convenient buttons, while the temperature can be adjusted by means of a rotatable ergonomic knob.

[P: archiproducts.it]


Zedra Touch is a mixer tap for the kitchen sink which through the innovative EasyTouch technology is operated with the simple touch of the wrist or the forearm.

It combines a contemporary design and a top functionality in full harmony with the aesthetic Grohe design.