20 June 2016

The 7 most innovative Hoverboards on the market

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It is perhaps one of the most enjoyable vehicles ever created, an electric instrument with which to move and which almost gives the sensation of floating. We are talking about hoverboards, the futuristic version of the classic skateboards.

The film Back to the Future has never stopped being a source of inspiration for the creation of new means of transport for the past thirty years: do you remember the flying board that Marty McFly used for moving about? Now it exists and it’s called a hoverboard!

Hoverboards seem to have sprung from nowhere, yet they are sold in hundreds of thousands.


[Via entrepeneur.com]

In the United States the invasion of hoverboards began last winter. Videos of more or less hilarious falls have spread rapidly on the web, and many celebrities had themselves photographed on board the vehicle.

But what are the best models around? We have selected some of the most innovative.

1 – Nilox, the brand famous for its action cams, has launched DOC1, a self-balancing scooter that is the first of a series of electric vehicles which aim to conquer the city streets. It features a modern design and coloured edges of the fittings which give a touch of originality.

2[Via it.ubergizmo.com]

2 – DDLBiz Self Balance Scooter is fast (up to 20 km/h) and it can count on a 36-volt rechargeable battery. The gem? The flashy LED lights on the front!


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3 – Freefeet Self Balancing Electronic Hoverboard is one of the most stable, thanks to its much larger wheels compared with the average. It has a speed-limiting device, which makes it safe even for those not accustomed to using it. The battery life (from Samsung) is excellent.


[Via bestelectrichoverboard.com]

4 ​ – The design of the Ze​ro G 2016 Hoverboard Elite is Italian; the maximum speed it can reach is 10 km/h and it is powered by 2 engines which allow good performance. It is equipped with a low-consumption lithium battery.


[Via Minihoverboardway.com]

5 – Generic Mini Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter is available in 8 different bodywork colours and it can reach 15/20 km/h, depending on the weight of the driver. The battery is among the best around.


[Via hoverboardpriceguide.com]
6 – ForTech Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter is probably one of the most beautiful to look at and suitable for all ages. It takes no longer than two hours to fully charge the battery that makes it move.


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7 – Locus Electric Scooter. It is one of the most popular hoverboards, thanks to the LED lights that allow good visibility even at night. Fast, well-balanced, with excellent road holding. What more could you ask for?


[Via smartscooteranz.com.au]

The Highway Code prohibits the use of these vehicles on the roadway, the cycle paths, and the pavements. So, at the moment, we’re only talking about a nice toy without an ad hoc regulation, but there is no reason not to have fun within the walls of your home or in the garden!