4 October 2016

The most innovative gadgets of 2016


In the last ten years, technological progress has had one of the most important accelerations in history. Now, the vast majority of people regularly access the internet, possess a smartphone, listen to music and watch films in streaming mode, and the qualitative level of the devices has reached peaks that until a few years ago were truly unimaginable.

We have already talked to you about the best technological gadgets ever, now we want to show you some of the most innovative of 2016!

COZMO 1 (www.digitaltrends.com)

Thanks to a team consisting mainly of former DreamWorks and Pixar animators, the American company Anki transformed the dream of many children (and not only) into reality, creating Cozmo, the first robot on the market with artificial intelligence capable of reproducing the moods of human beings. For its functioning, this robot relies on a smartphone app, which speeds up and streamlines the responses to stimuli. Cozmo was born as a toy, but is able to recognize the features of its interlocutor and adapt to human moods, reproducing them thanks to its “emotional engine”: a real revolution in the world of robotics.

SKEYE  2 (www.trndslab.com)

“Mignon” technology has had ample space to grow in recent years. From robotics to devices more accessible to the general public, there are more and more small-size inventions.

So, if you, too, have been affected by the “drone fever”, you can’t do without this gadget by SKEYE. The Mini Drone is a small jewel of technology, equipped with an HD video camera with a 4 GB memory card, four propellers that provide power and in-flight stability, and a range of 50 metres. The video game-style controller ensures a driving experience that is both intuitive and great fun

THINO  3 (www.claptrend.com)

In the hyper-connected world of smartphones, one of the biggest issues is probably the poor battery life. In fact, especially those who use the phone a lot for work, very often run out of charge and, perhaps, have very little time to recharge it between one engagement and the other. Thino is a latest-generation gadget capable of solving both of these issues: it serves as a power brick, providing additional charge when you are out and about, and if plugged in, it charges your smartphone as much as three times faster than a common battery charger.

OLO3D 4 (www.giznoise.com)

OLO3D is a portable, battery-powered and cheap 3D printer, designed by a group of Italians who emigrated to Silicon Valley, and funded through KickStarter. Its peculiarity, in addition to the reduced price, is that it is controlled via smartphone: three-dimensional objects are created on the screen and then made with a special resin specifically designed for OLO. For the moment, this printer is able to produce objects with a maximum size of 7.6×12.7×5 cm, i.e. the size of the most popular smartphone screens, but the guys are already working on a new, larger version.

MISFIT SHINE 2 5 (blog.misfit.com)

Shine 2 is the new version of the famous activity tracker produced by Misfit, which is even more reliable and durable. This version maintains a design very similar to its predecessor, but it has some significant improvements from a functionality point of view: in addition to the classic tracking activities, in fact, via the dedicated app, it allows you to manage music, turn on the lights in an environment and even take a selfie. On top of that, Shine 2 has a stated endurance of six months and is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 metres.

LG ROLLABLE OLED 6 (www.lgdisplay.com)

The flexible LG OLED screen was one of the most interesting gadgets among those presented a few months ago at CES 2016. This is an 18-inch screen that can be rolled up like a newspaper even when it is in operation. With this invention, LG has laid the foundations of what could be the next big revolution in the use of digital content.




Lovers of the two wheels, technology has thought of you, too! Skully AR-1 is the helmet of the future.

The features that make it unique? A small display inserted in the front of the helmet, which shows the directions of the navigator and everything that happens behind you thanks to a tiny video camera. In any case, the vision and the focus are very natural and comfortable thanks to the hidden position of the device.

But there’s more! Skully can connect, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone and you simply have to say “Ok Skully” to activate voice commands and make calls or play music.