17 July 2017

The 8 most extreme excursions on the planet.


Are you dreaming of weekend of R&R? Then these excursions are definitely not for you. Here’s a selection of the extreme itineraries on the planet.


Pristine nature and pure adrenaline, here’s our selection of excursions for the truly fearless: lost trails, thrilling views and breath-taking panoramas. In every sense!

Angel’s Landing, USA.

Steep Cliffs of Zion National Park Utah

Even the most fearless hikers tremble before Angel’s Landing, the summit of Zion National Park that offers an entirely overhanging path. The landscape is enchanting, but don’t leave concentration and experience at home.


Petra from the Back, Jordan.


Get ready to reach the city of Petra in a really special way, different from tourists. You will cross the Feynan ecolodge and then the desert, going beyond Mounts Sharah and the picturesque Beduin oases. You will find yourselves before an ancient staircase carved into the rock that will lead you to the Monastery, the most extraordinary monument in Petra. An exhausting itinerary that will leave you speechless.


Tiger Leaping Gorge, China.

tiger leaping gorge

The streams of Tiger Leaping Gorge are famous for their dangerousness and force. The rainy season makes the area subject to landslides. It is an extraordinary path that will remain in your heart forever, above all if you avoid stepping on unstable rocks.


Crater of Maragua volcano, Bolivia.

Crater of volcano Maragua, Bolivia

The first thing that will strike you along the fascinating Inca Trial will be discovering that it is not a beaten path. We recommend enjoying this natural wonder in the company of a local guide, who is surely more reliable than a map.


Grand Traverse in Yosemite Park, USA.

Yosemite National Park

The path contains the most remote and least famous areas in Yosemite Park. The secret is always to follow the Merced River, starting from Ansel Adams Wilderness up to reaching the pinnacles of Cathedral Range, on an unforgettable path through marvelous fields, waterfalls and granite basins.


Bay of Fires, Australia.

Tasmania Bay of Fires Red Rocks

An adventurous solitary and exciting walk. There is no water along the entire path and places to rest are rare. A travel companion is essential because walking alone in places like this is highly not recommended. We suggest not wasting time studying the species of snakes you will come across, they are all poisonous anyway.


Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand.


New Zealanders call this trail the “freedom walk” and they are exactly right. You can do a one-day excursion or complete the trail by alternating walks with stays at convenient lodges or camping where you like. This trail is also open to mountain bikers.at the beginning and end of the season.


The Kalalau Trail, Hawaii.

Na Pali Coast near Kalalau Beach - Kauai, Hawaii

This rough path, made up of steep slopes and muddy peaks is 35 kilometers long and is undoubtedly the most beautiful coastal excursion in the world. The view is truly out of this world and camping on the golden beach at sunset is marvelous. Don’t give into the temptation to swim: there are small memorials on the beach to those who wanted to take a swim and were dragged under by the current.