6 December 2017

The most bizarre cars presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017



The Tokyo Motor Show is pool of technology, innovation and eccentricity. You don’t believe us? Here are some of the most bizarre cars at the exhibition.


Tokyo is the stage for a real show: technological innovation is just the start. Here, the vehicles do not only offer avant-garde driving and interior concepts, but also and above all eccentricity. Japanese car manufacturers give their designers free reign to use their imagination and touch upon the absurd. By now, the Tokyo Motor Show has carved out a niche in the car world, representing the coolness of the future. In fact, it is like being on the set of Bladerunner, in 2049.


Toyota Body Wonder-Capsule

Toyota is ready to amaze the entire world with Toyota Body, the car the colossal Japanese manufacturer showcased. The Wonder-Capsule measures 2.5 meters in length, has two seats, functions displayed on a vertical windshield, and is powered by 6kWh-lithium ion battery that feeds the 8kW/55Nm electric engine. The futuristic interior was designed in collaboration with the Japanese clothing manufacturer Anrealage.


[Photo Credits: gaadiwaadi.com]


Subaru Viziv

Beautiful with personality to boot. Even if the Viziv is not a vehicle for everyone, it definitely has all the right cards to re-evaluate Subaru’s image.


[Photo Credits: omiauto.it]  


Mitsubishi evolution concept

This is vehicle evolution according to Mitsubishi: a SUV yet strong and agile. It is not a car, rather a concept. However, a lot of the features of this project will definitely be seen again in production. From the viewpoint of design, for example the rear lights, as well as of technology, such as driving autonomy.


[Photo Credits: quattroruote.it]


Mazda Kai

Much more than a concept, Kai may not be real but it is already credible: this is how the world imagines the next-generation Mazda3. It stands out for its sleek design, rear propulsion and biting headlights with an aggressive feel.


[Photo Credits: Mazda.com]


Yamaha Cross Hub

More than just a vehicle, it is a true style of life where the desire for the outdoors and an urban spirit are perfectly combined. It can seat up to four people and fit two motorcycles in the bed.


[Photo Credits: motori.quotidiano.net]  


Honda NeuV

It is the electric urban vehicle of the future, with an innovative system that tracks the driver’s real driving behavior and formulates tailor-made recommendations in real time.


[Photo Credits: netcarshow.com]