25 May 2017

The 5 most beautiful road trips in the world


By car or motorbike, alone or in company, driving the most beautiful roads in the world, crossing immense solitary landscapes, is an unforgettable experience. In this article, we will take you by the hand to discover those considered the 5 most beautiful road trips in the world. Are you ready to go?


1. The legendary Route 66.

This is one of the roads that on-the-road enthusiasts would most like to drive along. This historic and iconic road built in 1926 starts from Chicago, Illinois and crosses several states such as Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, for a total of 3,755 km. The US Route 66 was removed from the highway system in 1985, when together with others it was replaced by the Interstate Highway System. The road now exists under the name of Historic Route 66. New name, everlasting fascination.

Route 66 road sign in Arizona, ouest amrica, USA [iStock Photo]

2. The Golden Road

This is one of the oldest and most famous roads in the world, through breathtaking landscapes and historic cities, to the magical Samarkand, where the beautiful turquoise dome can be found, named Registan. To face this trip, you had better get a good 4 wheel drive jeep and have about ten free days. Not to be missed along the way is the ancient town of Khiva declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

fototeca9x12-20627130_2000x1346 [nationalgeographic.com.es]

3. South Island, New Zealand.

When driving along the roads of this incredible island, that many call an “earthly paradise”, you will see a different landscape every few kilometres. From waterfalls to snow covered mountains, including glaciers, turquoise coloured lakes, splendid beaches and rain forests. Incredible, don’t you think?

nuova_zelanda [meteoweb.eu]

4. The Great Ocean Road.

We are now on the most famous road in Australia, famous not only for the incredible landscape but also for the perfect state of the road surface and for its harmonic curves: a real paradise for driving enthusiasts! Along the way you will find Bells beach – for surf lovers – and Port Cambell National Park, where you can admire the famous 12 apostles. We recommend a stop-off at one of the many coastal pathways, where you will meet koalas, kangaroos and other cute animals!

2d735ccafa68694f78f0b7f804437bcd [geelongadvertiser.com]

5. Atlantic road.

Let’s return to Europe to conclude this trip with a short, but really intense driving experience. Atlantic road is a picturesque stretch of road, 8.5 km long, which connects Molde to Kristiansund and Romsdal in Norway. This magical road crosses an archipelago of islands with no less than 12 bridges and causeways, from island to island. Just one piece of advice: before starting check the weather forecast. If the sea is rough, it can become dangerous.