14 November 2017

A Made in Italy icon: Moto Guzzi


6 iconic models of the historic Italian brand


Who doesn’t know the legendary Moto Guzzi, the most beautiful Made in Italy enduro bikes loved the world over? The Guzzi brand hit the market in 1921 and made a name for itself with many models, the unmistakable sound of their V-twin engine making them recognizable on the road, without even seeing them.

Here are seven historic Guzzi models, the most beautiful and loved, the ones that have become legends.



Dondolino 500

The Dondolino 500 is remembered as the post-war Guzzi bike, in fact, it dates back to 1945. It is a symbol of a return to normality after the hardships of the war. Designed by Giulio Cesare Carcano, as an evolution of the Condor, it takes its name from the characteristic swaying movement at high speeds.

dondolino 500

[Photo credits: www.inmoto.it]




Another great classic in Guzzi history, the Falcone marks a sort of watershed between before and after, it was innovative and very popular. A great deal of varieties were produced, including the Turismo Tourer and Sport. Production of the Guzzi Falcone ended in 1967.


[Photo credits: www.zonderpup.com]



This splendid Guzzi bike, loved worldwide, was created in 1971 specifically for the American market, which wanted a valid alternative to Harleys. Thanks to its style and power, the Guzzi California won over the United States and even became the motorcycle of the Los Angeles police force. The most recent model is the Guzzi California 1400 in 2012: a new great Guzzi success story.

California 850 1971 a

[Photo credits: www.webalice.it]



V7 Sport 750

Low, V-twin engine, 70 hp and roadholding that truly exceeded expectations. This Guzzi bike was designed in 1971 by Lino Tonti. The V7 Sport 750 is remembered among the most legendary motorcycles because it was the first bike in the world to exceed 200 kilometers/hour. Truly powerful, still on the market today in the new Stone and Racer versions.

v7 sport

[Photo credits: www.mecum.com]



Le Mans

Le Mans was inspired by a race model: its design, extremely popular with international riders, immediately became a huge success. Produced in 1976, since the nit has rapidly become a great classic in terms of style, technology and design.


[Photo credits: www.motociclismo.it]



Griso 1100

Its name, as well as its cockiness, comes from the character dei Bravi in the novel The Betrothed. The technology and design of the Griso made Guzzi amaze the entire world in 2005. Low, chromium-plated, it goes well beyond the usual classifications. There are many models, all transformed and recreated. In fact, the Griso is a favorite of custom garages and its V-twin engine undoubtedly makes it an extraordinary icon.


[Photo credits: www.dueruote.it]