4 July 2016

Hi-Tech gadgets for fitness addicts


No more personal trainers in flesh and blood! Thanks to technology, sportspeople can always carry a technological coach capable of checking their sports activity, highlighting any errors and adjusting the aim when necessary.

Knowing the calories burned during your workout, the km travelled, your position, your heart beats, the effort made and other biometric features is now a breeze. Here is an overview of the most innovative gadgets that according to us every fitness addict should try! 




Quell is a square shaped gadget provided with a special electrode that you wrap around your leg. Through electrical stimulation, it aims at reducing the chronic pain that many sportspeople complain of in different areas of the body after practising a physical activity. The device is calibrated according to the person’s physiology and it can give real generalized physical relief.

Belty Good Vibes



Belty uses the artificial intelligence and sensors located inside the buckle of a belt to track the owner’s habits. All the data obtained are transferred to the accompanying application which gives the user feedback and suggestions to improve his/her lifestyle daily. Theoretically, the device identifies the context of use through suitable algorithms and invites you to perform physical activity by producing vibrations if you have been sitting for too long. In short, it makes you walk more and faster!




Here is another gadget for those who need “strong” action. HAPIfork is a gadget that can help to slow down the rate at which you eat. Controlling this type of behaviour certainly has beneficial effects on the person’s body and welfare. The device sensors emit small vibrations when you are “speeding” to inform you to adjust your behaviour. You can also monitor the amount and intervals of bites per minute. You can update and monitor your improvement and eating habits both via the Web and by an application.

Urbanears Active Hellas Headphones



These headphones are the dream of all fitness geeks and music lovers. They have a trendy and innovative design: they are made of stainless steel, they are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and they have a detachable and washable band. The most important feature of these headphones is that they allow the maintenance of a certain sound level to ensure safety during on-street running, so as not to be completely isolated from the external environment.

KuaiWear coaching headphones



Let’s stay among earphone devices: these wireless headphones are equipped with a biometric sensor that provides real-time data and continuous feedback on your performance during your workout. They connect to an App via Bluetooth, they guarantee a seven-hour charge and they are waterproof. Indispensable!

Lumo Run shorts and leggins 



These leggings contain sensors in the belt that trace your steps, step length, pelvic rotation and other information on your posture, all of which is processed by an App: this is designed to act as a coach that provides real-time recommendations to improve your performance. Of course, thanks to your smartphone, you can also see your progress and keep a record of your activities! Lumo Run garments are designed for men and women and they are machine washable.

Sensoria Smart Sock



You just have to wear this smart sock to obtain accurate feedback from your ankles! Designed for runners, Sensoria Smart Sock informs on the quality of the running technique, and provides ad hoc advice. Comfortable and washable!

 Fitbit and Jawbone



Jawbone and Fitbit have always been the protagonists of a “clash” for the title of the fitness tracker preferred by athletes, since 2011, when the original UP and the Fitbit Ultra made their appearance on the market.

They are by far two of the best everyday wearables. These types of devices detect steps, floors climbed, distance travelled, calories burned, and much more. Both connect to the Octo U App: by calculating the hours of sleep or the distances travelled, the two devices allow the software to generate a driving score that also considers these variables. Absolutely worth trying!