24 July 2017

EMotion: the superfast electric car that is challenging the Tesla

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You can bet on it: Fisker wants to amaze the world once again. Here comes EMotion, the wild beast that recharges in just 9 minutes.


Henrik Fisker is back and this time he seems serious about it. Perhaps this name means little to you, but we are talking about the man who designed cars such as the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9 and now he wants to come back and take center stage for electric vehicles, after his first experience in the sector was not that exciting.

Fisker is now challenging Tesla, the queen of electric cars, with an aggressive five-door sedan focused on autonomy and performance.

[Fisker EMotion – Electrifying Emotions from Henrik Fisker on Vimeo.]


It is called EMotion for a reason and the play on words (emotion/movement) is not by chance. In fact, the new car is the main rival of Tesla, thanks to a composite carbon fiber structure, Lidar sensors and 360° cameras.

EMotion is also a bullet in every sense. The new Fisker boasts a top speed of 260km/h, an autonomy of 650 km and it recharges in just 9 minutes. The extraordinary battery performance is due to support from the University of California, which developed a new cutting-edge technology.

photo_9 [credits: Fisker.com]

The car is made of carbon fiber and aluminum in order to reduce mass, increasing capacity, and it has a frontal crash system to boost safety.

The cameras are integrated in the mirrors with 360° field of visibility. In a few words, extraordinary performance in total safety.

We are sure it will give incredible emotions to those who have the fortune to drive it and can afford it: the price starts at $130,000.