Water, adrenalin and fun: here are the best water parks of the world

7 July 2016

If sand, salt and rackets are not for you, or if you simply want to cool down doing something different from usual, water parks could be the perfect solution, instead of travelling in to discover the most beautiful natural parks. With their rapids, slides, jumps from a height and rubber dinghies that rush into the […]


The most beautiful nature reserves in the world

30 June 2016

Summer has arrived and with it the desire to travel and discover wonderful places. It is the time when those who have a thirst for adventure, who love animals and breathtaking landscapes, flee the city to plunge into the most unspoiled nature. We show you the 10 most fascinating nature reserves of the globe which […]


The best travel apps

20 May 2016

Compare prices, book, pack, and discover the best events that await you once you arrive at your destination. We have selected those Apps that in our opinion are the best for enabling you to do all this just thanks to your smartphone! [Photocredits:] Musement is a free made-in-Italy application that allows you to discover […]


The most beautiful motorbike routes

18 May 2016

Finally, the warm season long awaited by all the riders is around the corner. Sun, landscapes and sunsets make this period unique for those who can’t wait to get onto the saddle and enjoy a nice trip. We have selected the most beautiful itineraries to ride by motorbike. Start your engines and discover them with […]


The most bizarre bars in the world

22 April 2016

As we know, the quality of a bar cannot be judged solely from the food or cocktails offered, the scenario also plays an important part. If you are fed up with the usual anonymous bars, continue reading: in this list we discover the most bizarre bars in the world! The Red Sea Star Bar is […]


Europe’s best beaches where you can spend the summer

6 April 2016

It is true, the summer holidays are still far away, but maybe you’re already planning your next destination for the holidays, and Europe offers a wide variety of choice. If, when you are on holiday, you can’t help focusing on beach life, here below you will find a list of the best European beaches where […]


The most breathtaking fjords in the world

4 April 2016

Fjords are branches of sea that penetrate into the coastline, even for many kilometres, flooding ancient glacial or fluvial valleys. Fjords are a true natural spectacle, and although the most famous and beautiful are those of Norway, beautiful fjords can also be found in other places in the world. We have selected for you the […]


The most fascinating European castles to visit

24 March 2016

The Old Continent is home to spectacular historic castles, both from an architectural point of view and for their position: they are often fortresses built specially on high peaks, so as not to be reached by the enemy. We have compiled for you a list of the most fascinating castles of Europe: all you have […]


The 10 most beautiful treehouses

18 March 2016

Has anyone, as a child, never dreamed of having a treehouse? However, the dream of waking up among branches and leaves also belongs to adults, and in the world there are treehouses that are also wonderful examples of design and architecture. Here are the 10 best selected by us!


The 10 best automotive museums

9 March 2016

Every fan of engines worth his salt should consider a visit to an automotive museum as a real cult stop or as a good opportunity to see luxurious, rare, historic, and bizarre car models. Here is a list of the 10 best automotive museums around the world!