8 amazing destinations for your winter vacation

15 December 2017

We have chosen eight dream spots where you can seek refuge in the long winter still ahead!   1. Kochi, India Kochi, the perfect mix of spectacular nature and culture. The historic center hosts the Kochi-Muziris Biennial, an important contemporary art exhibit featuring international and Indian talents: the city teems with creativity and new energy. […]


The most original hotels in the world

29 November 2017

Winter holidays are around the corner and Octo U has found some of the most unique hotels in the world where you can get away from it all and enjoy some extraordinary days.   Sometimes luxury just isn’t enough. Do you feel like indulging in a truly extraordinary vacation? Do you dream about being immersed […]


Around the world in 5 books

25 October 2017

5 books for 5 continents. Each book has a story to tell, an adventure to live and a trip that each of us should take at least once in our lives. From America to Asia, from Europa to Oceania passing through Africa: impossible not to get lost in these unforgettable pages that are not confined […]


8 must-see streets in the world

5 September 2017

  Each city has beautiful sights. However, there are some streets in the top cities around the world that are comparable to dream landscapes and memorable monuments and therefore worth an entire vacation. Start putting them in your smartphone navigator now: they are all must-sees.   Camden High Street, London A runway for fun, full […]


5 enchanting towns in Italy worth discovering.

24 July 2017

A trip in Italy in search of charming views and enchanting landscapes: five unexpected top destinations.   If you feel like taking a trip but you still haven’t decided where to go, let yourselves get inspired by our selection of Italian towns.   1. The charm of Lake Iseo. Lake Iseo is as good as […]


The 8 most extreme excursions on the planet.

17 July 2017

Are you dreaming of weekend of R&R? Then these excursions are definitely not for you. Here’s a selection of the extreme itineraries on the planet.   Pristine nature and pure adrenaline, here’s our selection of excursions for the truly fearless: lost trails, thrilling views and breath-taking panoramas. In every sense! Angel’s Landing, USA. Even the […]


5 train trips to organize at all costs

4 July 2017

What are the most beautiful scenic train trips in the world? Here’s our selection of spectacular routes, on charming historic luxury trains.   1. Cross the United States on board the California Zephyr Train. Just €200 and 4 days of time guarantee a truly memorable experience, on board this train inaugurated in 1949, which runs daily […]


The 5 most beautiful road trips in the world

25 May 2017

By car or motorbike, alone or in company, driving the most beautiful roads in the world, crossing immense solitary landscapes, is an unforgettable experience. In this article, we will take you by the hand to discover those considered the 5 most beautiful road trips in the world. Are you ready to go?   1. The […]


The European cities to visit this winter

22 December 2016

If your desire to travel and discover new places is relentless also in winter, this article is for you. After having recommended the best restaurants in the world, today we want to give you a few tips on the European cities that in our opinion are worth visiting in winter. Let’s discover them! Brussels ( Seat […]


The 10 best restaurants in the World

5 August 2016

To “discover” has always been one of the impulses that urge you to travel, and few things recount the culture of a place as much as its flavours. Whether you are last minute lovers or meticulous planners, the gastronomic experience is, in fact, one aspect of the journey that should not be neglected. To taste […]