The best of the Mobile World Congress

11 March 2016

The Mobile World Congress (otherwise known as MWC) which was held in Barcelona has just ended, the most important exhibition in the world on mobile telephony attended by manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. Let’s have a look at all the main innovations presented in Spain!


The most innovative smart steering wheel covers for your car

1 March 2016

There are many features that differentiate modern cars from their ancestors, from aesthetics to on-board technology. Some accessories of today’s cars could be considered a “plus”, while others have really revolutionized the way we drive. One of the most practical and useful evolutions concerns the steering wheel, which in the newer models have integrated controls. […]


The most original automated car parks for your car

17 February 2016

Those who love their car, but don’t have a garage, would even be willing to take it at home rather than leave it outside and risk the bodywork getting dirty or ruined because of the rain and severe weather conditions or, even worse, the possibility of it falling into the clutches of some thief. The […]


The most luxurious audio systems for music and technology lovers

11 February 2016

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” Frank Zappa said one day. And he was right! In fact, a cutting edge sound system is always a good investment because, with the right notes in the background, even drawing up the […]


Brembo: the brakes become electronic

5 February 2016

Over the years, cars have also changed: design, materials, technologies and so forth. The more we go forward in time, the more evolution will change our way of driving, but even if the cars of the future will be able to fly, there will still be something they will never be able to do without: […]


Holì Bonjour, the smart alarm clock

2 February 2016

We all have our own habits in the morning: there are people who wake up very early and others who have flexible hours instead, people who can’t think straight when they have just got up and people who are immediately active as soon as they open their eyes; some prefer to have breakfast at the […]


Best rideables of CES 2016

29 January 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016, better known as CES, one of the most popular events for technology fans which is held every year in Las Vegas, ended on January 8. This is the most important consumer electronics fair, in which all the news and trends of the moment are illustrated. For the occasion, the American […]


Skully: the helmet that changes the way we travel

18 December 2015

Bike owners are familiar with the sense of freedom and excitement that only two wheels can give. Travelling by car can be considered more comfortable and safer in many situations, but it also takes away a little bit of magic from the journey. The Skully helmet was created to give the right balance between adventure […]