Virtual Reality at the wheel

2 February 2018

How virtual reality is applied to driving: from driving school for teenagers to training licensed drivers.   Speaking of virtual reality makes famous films such as Matrix or some videogames from the recent past immediately come to mind. However, we are undeniably immersed in the era of Virtual Reality. The World Health Organization predicts that the […]


When automotive meets Hi-Tech

12 May 2017

Cars and hi-tech are two sectors that move forward more and more synchronously. Latest generation cars, in fact, have reached very high technological levels that seemed impossible only a few years ago. Technology at the wheel has a fundamental role for comfort, but above all for safety. We have chosen five hi-tech features that will […]


TomTom VIO, the navigator for two-wheel driving lovers

14 November 2016

Among the best technological innovations presented at the last IFA exhibition, it is worth paying some attention to TomTom Vio, the first satellite navigator designed especially for scooters. The Dutch colossal of satellite navigation has already been on the market for some time with products dedicated to motorcycles and scooters, but TomTom Vio has some […]


The best technologies presented at the IFA 2016

27 October 2016

In September the 2016 IFA took place in Berlin, the most important European technology trade fair, the venue for the presentation of some of the most innovative and revolutionary products. This year, the companies again exhibited the best of their inventions. Let’s discover them together. HP PAVILION WAVE ( Pavilion Wave is the latest computer […]


The most innovative gadgets of 2016

4 October 2016

In the last ten years, technological progress has had one of the most important accelerations in history. Now, the vast majority of people regularly access the internet, possess a smartphone, listen to music and watch films in streaming mode, and the qualitative level of the devices has reached peaks that until a few years ago […]


The most innovative technological gadgets of yesterday and today

9 September 2016

There are things that cannot be forgotten, especially events or objects that have given a decisive contribution to the technological development of the various eras. From pagers to the indestructible Nokia 3210 and to iPhones: which are the objects that have made history or that are contributing to change people’s way of life? We have […]


Hi-Tech gadgets for fitness addicts

4 July 2016

No more personal trainers in flesh and blood! Thanks to technology, sportspeople can always carry a technological coach capable of checking their sports activity, highlighting any errors and adjusting the aim when necessary. Knowing the calories burned during your workout, the km travelled, your position, your heart beats, the effort made and other biometric features […]


10 objects for a super tech house

27 May 2016

Technology is moving forward and several companies keep looking daily into products that can help everyday life in an innovative and cutting-edge way. One area that has grown a lot in recent years is domotics, which involves the study of technologies aimed at improving the quality of life in the home and in buildings. Homes […]


The most original uses of virtual reality

19 April 2016

It really looks like this is the year of Virtual Reality (VR), and the big hi-tech brands are working in order to make these technologies available to all. But what are the most original uses of VR? Let’s find out together! McDonald’s, the famous worldwide fast food chain, collaborated with Google, for quite some time […]


The 15 products that have made the history of Apple

11 April 2016

The first of April Apple blew out 40 candles: long gone are the days when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded what, four decades later, would become one of the most important and flourishing companies in the world. For the occasion, we have compiled for you a list of the 15 products that […]