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The most hi-tech camping accessories

22 April 2016

When we go camping, our intention is certainly to be in full contact with nature, but we don’t necessarily have to completely part from technology: there are innovative accessories that can make our camping experience even more comfortable, combining ecology and innovation. Let’s see them together. Let’s begin with the Stanley 3 in 1 coffee […]

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Zaha Hadid’s most beautiful works

14 April 2016

Zaha Hadid, one of the most distinguished and brilliant contemporary architects, passed away last March at the age of 65. The archistar, born in Baghdad, Iraq, at the age of 22 moved to London to study architecture, acquiring British nationality. Zaha was the first woman to win the Pritzker prize, the most important International recognition […]

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The new autonomous delivery systems

6 April 2016

Autonomous delivery systems are means to manage deliveries in an automated way and are particularly profitable in commercial services. These systems suggest that in the future there may be no more deliverymen and delivery trucks. Let’s see the most innovative systems in circulation!

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Sharing mobility gets bigger: here comes the bus-sharing

3 March 2016

Shared mobility is becoming increasingly widespread: today “exchangeable” cars are present in all major cities and now the service is also extending to buses! The Ford transit vans, for example those that are mainly used for carrying work equipment and various supplies, from March on will also take passengers to Kansas City.

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Turning your car into furniture: today you can

24 February 2016

Car enthusiasts know every inch of their own car. Old or new, it doesn’t matter, from the door to the bonnet, to the driving mirror, all the pieces have a story that deserves to be told and relived every day, even at home, why not?

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The new Batmobile is a hybrid and hi-tech supercar

15 January 2016

On March 25 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released in Italy, one of the most longed-for films of next season. In the next Warner Bros film, the Gotham City superhero will battle against Superman aboard a brand new Batmobile, which is powered by a hybrid system and is more aggressive than ever.

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BonAppetour, the app that lets you travel through food

28 December 2015

Those who love to travel know that cities have some dimensions that remain almost always invisible to the eyes of tourists, that is to say home traditions and habits of local people. How many times, visiting foreign countries, have you had the sensation of not living an authentic gastronomic experience? How many times have you […]

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Google Local Guides: the new competitor of Tripadvisor

16 December 2015

Do you remember those days when to search for the address of a restaurant or to find the telephone number of a hotel we used the good old Yellow Pages? In recent years, with the explosion of the use of mobile technology, the printed guides have been replaced by the numerous innovations in the so-called […]

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Carvana, the vending machine for cars

4 December 2015

Buying a new car is an important experience and for this reason, in certain respects, also a stressful one. Navigating the many options available on the market and making the final choice is a bit like looking for a soulmate. We spend whole days surfing the net looking for useful information and reviews, and then […]