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The future of travelling is superfast

20 December 2017

From Elon Musk’s Hyperloop to the new superfast Chinese train: innovation and technology at the service of the transport sector.   The key word of travelling in the future is speed. The high-speed train designed by Elon Musk, Hyperloop, is about to become reality. It could already be up and running in 2019. Hyperloop has already […]

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The return of the Volkswagen Bulli

10 October 2017

From flower child to nature’s friend. Electric motors, augmented reality and technological innovation: Volkswagen remasters its famous Bulli in a futuristic and revolutionary version.   Who could forget the legendary VolkswagenVolkswagen minivan, also known as Westfalia? The van had different names in different countries, in Germany it is remembered as Bulli, a contraction of BUs […]

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Hypercar: tiny yet powerful engines

22 September 2017

The Mercedes case. Mercedes presents its Hypercar and challenges colossal carmakers.   The teaser images of the car, although vague and undefined, have sparked our imagination. We know so little, at least for the time being, but our curiosity grows more with each passing day. And if expectations are very high, the price is no joke […]

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Toyota aims high with Skydrive, the flying car

15 September 2017

The Japanese colossal has just invested 40 million yen (about 320,000 euros) in a group of volunteer researchers who are creating a working prototype of a car with wings in order to make it take to the sky as early as next year.   It is now clear that in 2017 dominating the roads is […]

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EMotion: the superfast electric car that is challenging the Tesla

24 July 2017

You can bet on it: Fisker wants to amaze the world once again. Here comes EMotion, the wild beast that recharges in just 9 minutes.   Henrik Fisker is back and this time he seems serious about it. Perhaps this name means little to you, but we are talking about the man who designed cars […]

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The 5 best electric cars of 2017

11 July 2017

Will they be the future of transport? Who can say for sure. What is certain is that they are a valid option for contributing to reducing the impact on global resources. Let’s discover the top 5 electric cars of 2017.   Electric cars have been a niche market for years, but the increasingly severe restrictions on […]

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Hydrogen cars: giving the green light to a new European challenge

7 June 2017

The electric car is an innovative solution. However, electric technology is being joined on the road by hydrogen, technically more complex but also less expensive in the long run. This is how the Old World is navigating among old obstacles and lots of news.   The pros of hydrogen cars. Compared to electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered cars […]

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Project Soli: interact with technology… without touching it!

11 July 2016

The time to say goodbye to keys and buttons is approaching and you should be getting ready to welcome the technology of the future, which will really change your life! Al Google I/O 2016 Google shows some special initiatives coming from the laboratories of the Advanced Technology and Projects team. In previous years they presented the Project Ara and the Project […]

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The 7 most innovative Hoverboards on the market

20 June 2016

It is perhaps one of the most enjoyable vehicles ever created, an electric instrument with which to move and which almost gives the sensation of floating. We are talking about hoverboards, the futuristic version of the classic skateboards. The film Back to the Future has never stopped being a source of inspiration for the creation […]

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The new frontier of creativity: from a means of transport to a design object

17 June 2016

Creativity has no limits, especially in the world of interior design. Reusing parts of vehicles as “quarries” from which to steal potential furnishing elements, in fact, seems to be an exercise in style appreciated by many in the industry. Porsche, for example, has entrusted to expert hands the task of transforming the legendary racing car […]