27 October 2016

The best technologies presented at the IFA 2016


In September the 2016 IFA took place in Berlin, the most important European technology trade fair, the venue for the presentation of some of the most innovative and revolutionary products. This year, the companies again exhibited the best of their inventions. Let’s discover them together.

HP PAVILION WAVE 1 (www.windows.com)

Pavilion Wave is the latest computer designed by HP, which not only gives the usual excellent performances guaranteed by the brand, but it also has an elegant revolutionary design and decidedly smaller dimensions than the tower models. But the claim of this computer is that in spite of its small size, there is no decrease in power, on the contrary, it can support any activity! And, dulcis in fundo, it can reproduce music and sounds with an extremely high quality, thanks to the 360 Degree Multi-Directional Reflective Audio technology.

TUNNEL OLED LG 2 (www.afdigitale.it)

We have already mentioned that the OLED is one of the most interesting technological innovations and also one of the potentially most revolutionary of 2016, but at this year’s IFA, LG decided to exceed expectations and to astonish everyone by installing a tunnel composed of 216 curved 55-inch monitors at the north entrance of the fair: the result was really amazing!

DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 (www.newsshooter.com)

Smartphones have now reached such a high video and photographic level that they are increasingly used also for professional purposes. For this reason DJI has decided to exploit its own experience in the field of the development of drones to create the OSMO MOBILE. This super technological gimbal with three axes can ensure maximum stability for the photo camera of almost any smartphone even in the most extreme situation. From now on, you can shoot perfectly stable videos even when you are running, jumping and cycling.


4 (www.wired.it)

After having presented the hoverboard in 2015, this year the Italian company Nilox has brought to Berlin its new products. The most striking is the new electric skateboard. Doc Skate, in fact, is more suitable for city roads than a hoverboard, since it is more manageable and easy to drive. The in-built battery guarantees an autonomy of about 25 kilometres and a maximum speed of about 12 km/h. Its fairly contained weight allows for use in the “classic” mode, should the battery become flat.

SONY FES U WATCH 5 (www.werable.com)

Fes U Watch is the new smartwatch from Sony, at present destined for the Japanese market, but which will in future be extended also to Europe. It special feature is that it is completely e-ink, both in the display and in the strap, and therefore entirely customisable.

LENOVO YOGA BOOK 6 (www.lenovo.com)  

Yoga Book is certainly one of the most interesting innovations presented at this year’s IFA. Lenovo has practically rewritten the concept of the tablet, creating a hybrid device which also has the features of a notebook and of a graphic tablet.

In fact, Yoga Book has a touch surface called Create Pad, which can act as a keyboard (Halo Keyboard) or as a tablet on which to write or draw with a special pen. The pen has been developed together with Wacom and it can also write on paper thanks to the rechargeable cartridges. And this is its most revolutionary function: by placing a sheet of paper on the pad, you can have your notes and drawings on both paper and in digital format!