15 December 2017

8 amazing destinations for your winter vacation


We have chosen eight dream spots where you can seek refuge in the long winter still ahead!


1. Kochi, India

Kochi, the perfect mix of spectacular nature and culture. The historic center hosts the Kochi-Muziris Biennial, an important contemporary art exhibit featuring international and Indian talents: the city teems with creativity and new energy.

Why retreat here: hurrying, frenetic pace and stress are strangers in this place. Here time passes slowly and cradles you like the floating houses in the backwaters.

kochi[photo credits: www.thrillophilia.com]


2. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, after a hurricane destroyed its coast, is being repopulated by grand hotels for tourists, Michelin-starred restaurants and every kind of attraction imaginable. It offers visitors marvelous views and premium comforts.

Why retreat here: to go whale watching and be enchanted by these gentle giants.

los cabos

[photo credits: www.loscabospassport.com]


3. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you fear feeling nostalgic for Christmas lights, Las Vegas, the city of a thousand lights, is for you: what you can expect is something that will captivate your senses…all at once! Enjoy the festive atmosphere, good food and fairy tale hotels.

Why retreat here: to dive into magnificence and try your luck.

las vegas

[photo credits: www.lvcva.com]


4. Nassau, Bahamas

December is a fantastic month to enjoy the sun in the Bahamas. And the Junkanoo Festival is waiting for you with parades, dancing, music and colorful costumes. Definitely an original way to bring in the New Year.

Why retreat here: to forget the cold and spend an unusual Christmas on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


[photo credits: www.flyingandtravel.com]


5. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is rich from every point of view: culture, entertainment, beauty…and it is also quite accessible in winter. Colorful streets, tiny and welcoming, and beautiful people who are always smiling. Not to mention the delicious Portuguese cuisine!

Why retreat here: to live in a postcard and travel around by tram!


[photo credit: www.goodfood.com.au]


6. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If it has to be cold…then have a snowy and very cold Christmas!
Escape to Jackson Hole, in Wyoming and enjoy your winter vacation among excursions, camping, skiing and snowboarding in a dreamland, a true outdoor amusement park.

Why retreat here: to remain breathless by the panorama.


[photo credits: www.jacksonholetraveler.com]


7. Phuket, Thailand

There are all the ingredients for a getaway to Phuket: warm temperature, beautiful sea, fascinating and new culture waiting to be discovered.
The ideal starting point would be Bangkok and then also visiting the smaller cities, which will give you a thousand different emotions.

Why retreat here: to discover the thousand faces of Thailand and enjoy all of them!


[photo credits: www.orientalescape.com]


8. Miami, Florida

If you cannot decide between Latin America and the U.S., choose Miami, the city where different cultures harmoniously coexist and fun is unsurpassable.

Why retreat here: because there are sun, palm trees, the beach.


[photo credits: www.zoni.edu]

Need we say more?