4 July 2017

5 train trips to organize at all costs


What are the most beautiful scenic train trips in the world? Here’s our selection of spectacular routes, on charming historic luxury trains.


1. Cross the United States on board the California Zephyr Train.

Just €200 and 4 days of time guarantee a truly memorable experience, on board this train inaugurated in 1949, which runs daily along the 4,566 kilometers that divide San Francisco and New York, crossing 11 states and 4 time zones. Your gaze glued to the window, with views of the Rocky Mountains, the desert of Utah, Salt Lake City, and Nevada. An excellent way to discover America while comfortably seated.


2. A luxurious journey on board the Rovos Rail.

A true five-star train, furnished in a classic style with numerous lounges, restaurants and cabins with en suite bathrooms. Depart from Johannesburg and you can reach Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia in the month of July. The landscape is one of the most enchanting: from the wild nature to the famous “big five” in the heart of Africa, you can see elephants, rhinos, buffalos, lions and leopards from your window seat!



3. From glaciers to palm trees with the Bernina Express.

Red locomotives, panorama windows, breath-taking views. A journey worth taking that connects Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, in Valtellina, Italy. One part of the route, between Thusis and Tirano, runs along the World Heritage Site. The Bernina crosses 55 tunnels and 196 viaducts, exceeding gradients of 7%, until reaching the highest part of the route, the Bernina Pass, at 2,253 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain railway line, connecting northern and southern Europe, as well as areas with different languages and cultures. You can already see yourself on board, can’t you?


4. Orient-Express: the legendary journey.

More than a train, it is the train. An icon born in 1883, which originally connected Paris to Istanbul. An important history, star-studded by important guests, so much so it inspired Agatha Christie’s famous thriller, Murder on the Orient-Express. Its route has changed countless times, and many of them have been embellished by its name, which is synonymous with luxury travel.

Orient Express Station in Istanbul


5. Trans-Siberian: the longest railway line in the world.

Covering over 9,000 km, this train has earned the name of the most “important” railway line in the world. In fact, the route is from Moscow to Beijing, and there are various travel options: you can go directly to China or arrive through Mongolia. In addition, the Trans-Siberian covers the Moscow-Vladivostok route, in which the train stops in around one thousand stations.

Railway bridge through the river Partizanskaya (Primorsky krai, Russia). Top view