24 July 2017

5 enchanting towns in Italy worth discovering.


A trip in Italy in search of charming views and enchanting landscapes: five unexpected top destinations.


If you feel like taking a trip but you still haven’t decided where to go, let yourselves get inspired by our selection of Italian towns.


1. The charm of Lake Iseo.

Spring sunny morning on the city Maroney.

Lake Iseo is as good as Lakes Garda or Como. Long and sinuous, it is splendid to visit any day of the year, even if in autumn the amber-colored leaves create a unique atmosphere.

It is the perfect destination for those who then want to explore nearby Franciacorta to discover its vineyards.


2. Sun, sea and relaxation in Ponza.

Ponza harbour at the sunrise

Between Naples and Rome, the favorite getaway of Romans, though rarely discovered by tourists, Ponza Island has colorful fishermen’s houses and crystal-clear turquoise water, making it ideal for a weekend at the sea or a relaxing vacation.


3. The enchanting scenery of Treviso.

ponte dante at night treviso italy

Head for Treviso to discover its cobblestone streets, waterways and the magical mood of the city. Order a prosecco and be seduced by your surroundings. There is a reason if its nickname is “little Venice”!


4. Among the fishermen in Procida.

Corricella village on Procida island at night, Italy

This lovely little island in the Gulf of Naples lives in the shadow of the more famous Capri and Ischia and is often forgotten as it is surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Amalfi Coast. It is worth discovering in order to go back in time when nature still reigns absolute and stirs emotions at every glance.


5. In a farmhouse in Norcia.

Castelluccio di Norcia at sunset, Umbria, Italy

Discovering the small towns in Umbria, such as Norcia, but also Todi, Narni and many others. This region is never invaded by throngs of tourists, who instead favor destinations in nearby Tuscany. Umbria, not very famous but definitely stunning, offers splendid natural landscapes, perfect and well-preserved small towns, green hills and delicious food.