5 August 2016

The 10 best restaurants in the World


To “discover” has always been one of the impulses that urge you to travel, and few things recount the culture of a place as much as its flavours. Whether you are last minute lovers or meticulous planners, the gastronomic experience is, in fact, one aspect of the journey that should not be neglected. To taste the special local dishes, to enjoy new flavours and to experience the conviviality of the place, wherever it may be, will enrich your adventure, and certainly give it more “taste”.

But how to understand which are the best restaurants to try when you are travelling?

If what you are looking for are the best international restaurants, then we advise you to trust The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the annual classification launched in 2002 on an idea of the British publication Restaurant Magazine.

Over the years, the contest has gained credibility and today it is known as the “Oscar of gastronomy”.

This year the classification of the best 50 restaurants in the world was drawn up by a thousand experts from 27 different areas of all the contents, who met in New York.

To try them all would be wonderful, but in the meantime let’s get to know the top 10. After having given you advice on the most extravagant restaurants, here are the best restaurants!

10. Asador Etxebarri AXPE, SPAIN


If you’re organising a trip to Spain, accompany the vitality and warmth of this country with the fantastic dishes of the Asador Etxebarri. In Basque, “Asador” means grill, homage to the ancient method of cooking maintained by the restaurant and which has become nothing less than a real art in the hands of the chef Victor Arguinzoniz. Here the grill is the protagonist and offers amazing possibilities, maintaining the natural quality of the products.

His technique consists of grilling using the wood of various trees, carefully selected to guarantee that the dishes are produced, but also cooked, with natural products cultivated locally.

9. Steirereck VIENNA, AUSTRIA



However, if you prefer the green of the Austrian panorama, the Steirereck is for you, located in a fascinating glass cube in the centre of the Stadtpark of Vienna. The interiors are modern and you can enjoy the view of the trees in the park from every table. The menu offers high level, innovative, good and healthy cuisine. What distinguishes this restaurant is the attention paid to culinary techniques and to the ingredients used: much appreciated local raw materials, such as marinated and fermented shoots.

8. Narisawa TOKYO, JAPAN

3 [tomostyle.wordpress.com]

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Allow yourself to be won over by the fascination of the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun and by the incomparable dishes of the chef Yoshihiro Narisawa. Famous throughout the world for his absolute originality and his philosophy of respect for the relationship between raw materials and the rhythms of nature, almost all the ingredients are chosen personally by the chef who prefers seasonal foods produced according to environmental sustainability. Thanks to a long curriculum of varied European experience, Narisawa’s cuisine is neither strictly Japanese nor western, but it is a cuisine d’auteur. Its unique nature is also celebrated in the name of the restaurant “The creations of Narisawa”, where a dinner is nothing less than a trip through a world in which Asian and European cultures entwine.



Returning to Spain and continuing the journey in the Basque Country, give yourself the gift of stopping off at Mugaritz in the province of San Sebastian. Here the chef Luis Aduriz wins the award for the creativity and quality that can be found in all his improvised menus every evening. One of the features that makes his culinary art stand out is, in fact, the playful creativity, as in the case of the little chocolate cakes presented in a manner which alludes to the seven capital sins.

The traditional flavours are thus renewed with avant-garde techniques and presentations, in an elegantly joyful atmosphere, which make the already delicious meal even more pleasant.

 6. Mirazur MENTON, FRANCE

Chef Mauro colagreco at Restaurant Mirazur in Menton south of France
For a trip dedicated to relaxation and taste, the ideal destination is Menton where, amidst its luxuriant gardens and its pastel coloured houses, the Mirazur can be found, defined by the Michelin Guide as a restaurant of undeniable style, featuring contemporary simplicity and a breath-taking view of the Côte d’ Azur. The chef Mauro Colagreco has developed a very original cuisine which enhances the herbs, the flowers, the vegetables of the kitchen garden and citrus fruits, preferring only products picked on the same day. His secret strength is the ingredients and the typical tradition of Italian cuisine.



If, instead, your next trip will involve walking through the surprising open-air museum which is the Danish capital, after having immersed yourself in the Tivoli gardens and visiting the home of the royal family, at this point fascinated by the city, allow yourself to be amazed also by the culinary marvels, by lunching at the Noma. The restaurant has become famous for being the first to have re-launched culinary tourism in Copenhagen. Situated in an eighteenth century warehouse at the harbour, the environment of the Noma is relaxed and casual. What makes the cuisine of the chef René Redzepi unique is the original combination of the ingredients, all Scandinavian raw materials harvested in the vicinity of the restaurant.

4. Central LIMA, PERU



A trip to Peru is an adventure in a paradise of millenarian culture, where you cannot remain indifferent to the fascination of the artistic heritage, of the wealth of nature, and of the culinary variety offered. In fact, Peru has been referred to as one of the best gastronomic destinations of the world and for the second year running the Central in Lima has been elected one of the best restaurants in the world. The menu is a tribute to the local ingredients offered by the rich vastness of the territory, where the sea meets the mountains, as in the dishes of the chef Virgilio Martinez.

3. Eleven Madison Park NEW YORK, USA



New York, the trip you have to take at least once in your life, the city where everything is possible, even to reach seventh heaven, and not only because of its extremely high skyscrapers, but also for the exquisite excellence of the cuisine of the Eleven Madison Park.

Here, luxury and taste are joined in an Eden of the senses, where every diner is received and served with impeccable attention and care. There is no menu: instead the guests are invited to declare every allergy, aversion or preference, on the basis of which a customised surprise menu is created. The same care has been dedicated by the two joint owners, Will Guidara and the chef Daniel Humm, to the elegant arrangement of the environment, where harmony reigns between the dining room and the kitchen. Often the guests are invited to visit the kitchens, to watch the chefs at work and to have a taste of the dishes being prepared.

Dinner at the Eleven Madison Park, rather than a meal, is an unforgettable experience.

 2. El Celler de Can Roca GIRONA, SPAIN



Girona, known as the “City of the Four Rivers”, is a beautiful town made even more attractive by the presence of the restaurant El Cellar de Can Roca, appointed second best in the world. Founded in 1986 by the brothers Joan, Josep and Jordi, the restaurant stands out for the quality of the ingredients, of the dishes and of the service as well as for innovation, experimentation and the study behind the preparation of the dishes and of the spectacular presentations. A family success which includes a chef-director, a sommelier, a pastry-chef and 3 Michelin stars. Everything at El Celler seems to hinge on the number 3. The Roca brothers describe themselves as three heads and one hat, and they define the freestyle cuisine as: dynamic, avant-garde, but always faithful to family tradition.

1.Osteria Francescana MODENA, ITALY



What will bring you to discover the best of culinary excellence, however, is an entirely Italian trip. More specifically, to Modena, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, a land of motors and of good food. In this magic place, the Osteria Francescana of Massimo Bottura has been classified as the best restaurant in the world, the first Italian restaurant to reach the top of the list. The chef’s masterful skill has given life to a powerful and harmonic symbiosis between avant-garde and tradition, which results in a refined culinary art. One example is his masterpiece “Five differently aged Reggio Parmesan cheeses of different consistencies and temperatures”, created after a long in-depth study of the ageing of this iconic product of the Emilia territory, to create something new and unique.