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Octo U automatically registers the start and end of your trip, but you can choose to indicate them manually at any moment!
Do you drive a car or use public vehicles? You can manage the details of your trip and indicate the reason for it. Octo U analyses the changes in your driving style in the various situations.


Your personal driving style could save you up to 10% off motor insurance

Empower Drive

Thanks to Octo U you can receive customised advice on how to improve your driving style. The app assesses your behaviour at the wheel, taking into account the vehicle, the context and the conditions in which you are driving, and gives a value from 1 to 10 to every trip.

Empower Journey

With Octo U, you can always keep your data under control and at hand: from the details of the trip to your progress. You can collect badges according to your driving style and your progress, and you can share them on the social networks. All your friends will know how well you drive!

Empower Life

Octo U can make life easier! Journey after journey, thanks to the excellent results obtained at the wheel, you will be able to save up to 10% on your car insurance and get customised special offers, loyalty points and fuel points. The higher your driving score, the more advantages you'll have!

Challenge And Win

Reward is the Octo U feature that rewards your progress at the wheel! This gamification function allows you to challenge your friends to discover who has the best driving style. With every challenge you obtain a position in the classification, and U Stars and U Coins that you can "spend" at the U Store, obtaining fantastic prizes including the Octo U marked gadgets and the official merchandise of the Octo Pramac Yakhnich team.

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Download Octo U and rev up the engineā€¦ Try it now! Available free of charge at App Store and at Google Play.