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    Octo U, the app that evaluates your driving style and helps you save money on your car insurance, launches a brand new Reward feature.


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  • Octo U has won the FWA as MOBILE OF THE DAY


  • IBM Insight October 2015, Las Vegas
  • Empower your Drive

    Octo U automatically detects your everyday driving and shows you how to improve it. Get personalized advices: become aware of your driving and discover what are the variables that influence it. The app evaluates your driving behavior, taking into account the vehicle, the context and conditions in which you drive and giving each trip a value from 1 to 10

  • Empower your Journey

    Octo U allows you to control your data and keep them at your fingertips. View your past trips details and evaluates your progress. You will badges according to your driving style, share them with your friends and celebrate your achievements. Add your Facebook friends to get inspired on their trips and compared your driving skills

  • Empower your Life

    Octo U converts your results in up to 10% of discount on your car insurance, loyalty points, fuel points and promotions. Get value  based on how you drive: the higher the score, the greater the benefits. Trip after trip, the app learns your style and your habits, sending personalized offers in real time

  • Octo U Find

    Octo U Find is a small bluetooth device which helps you to keep track of your valuables. Attach it to your favorite items and use the Octo U app to check their position or make it ring

How it works?

Improve your driving and get value from your score.

Start Driving

Trips start and end automatically but you can also choose to do it yourself!
Start driving and monitor your driven miles, time and location. Driving a motorbike or getting public transport?
Manage your journey details and select your trip purpose.

Public Transp.

Get the best out of your Driving Score

Keep in getting better setting a positive trend.
Monitor your progress trip by trip.

Badges and awards

Whether you’ve just added your first Octo U friend or you’ve reached a particular goal, badges are a reminder of something cool you’ve accomplished, and are a way to get to know yourself better as a driver. Share them on your favourite social network and show others what you got!

Octo U Find

Here is your new Octo U Find!
Download the OCTO U app and enjoy the feeling of having everything you care about at your fingertips

Stay Updated with News Feed

You can like and comment your friend’s trip activities. Adding your friends will allow you to monitor how well they do on the road, to compare yourself to them, to learn and also to teach them your driving skills, therefore creating a win–win situation.